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Commercial Marine Australia Aluminium Boat Manufacturers

Commercial Marine Australia is your one stop shop for all your vessel’s needs.

Aluminium Boat Builders Brisbane

Whether it’s private, commercial or in class survey we can build, modify, engineer and project manage your vessel to your requirements or desire.Our factory is Brisbane based with access to a 600 tonne travel lift and a full secure lockup facility.
We are specialists in all facets of aluminium fabrication. Anything from a 5-meter fishing vessel to a 50-meter super yacht.As qualified boat builders we are also fully certified welders to NSCV AS/NZS1665:2004, DNVGL and Lloyds Register for all class vessels.

Not only do we specialize in new builds but we also offer the three R’s.

  • REPOWER: Updating or altering your drive line.

  • REFIT: Modernising your vessel with the latest technologies and styling.

  • REPAIR: Scheduled survey works or Accident Insurance repairs.

Commercial Marine Australia offers our companies services throughout Australia and internationally. We can help you with design or working with your chosen designer to achieve your specific goal.Commercial Marine Australia offers assistance in finishing any project when time and deadlines are critical.

Commercial Marine Australia awarded with “Best Large Tourist Vessel”

Ocean Explorer has been awarded as the best large tourist vessel in 2020!
We are very proud for this achievement. You can find all details here: bairdmaritime.com

Aluminium Boat Building

Aluminium boat building

Our aluminium boat building services can assist you with all your new build requirements

Marine engineering

Our expertise in the installation and design of all marine systems is world class

Marine Engineering
Marine Engineering

Marine engineering

Our expertise in the installation and design of all marine systems is world class

Re-power, refit, repair

Re-power, refit, repair

The team at Commercial Marine Australia understands the operators needs to give their investments a new lease on life


Here at Commercial Marine Australia, we believe that the people who build your vessel should also really understand your vessel. Follow our recent work and see how we can help with your future project.

Commercial Marine Australia (CMA) is your one stop shop for all your boat building needs. Whether it is private, commercial or an in-class survey, we can build, modify, engineer and project manage the production of your vessel to the highest specifications and your requirements. Our factory is Brisbane based with access to a 600 tonne travel lift and a fully secure lockup facility.

Commercial Marine Australia is a specialist aluminium boat building company with years of experience in all facets of aluminium fabrication. We are well recognised as one of the few Brisbane boat builders offering international standards of excellence and service. Our company’s full range of technical abilities enables us to tackle an array engineering challenges. Whether it is a customised 5-meter fishing vessel or a 50-meter super yacht, we have the answers for you. As qualified boat builders we are also fully certified welders to NSCV AS/NZS1665:2004, DNVGL and Lloyds Register for all class vessels.

marine engineering

Commercial Marine Australia provides products and services to the boat buyers and businesses. Specialising in aluminium boat building and gaining an international reputation for excellence our professional design and construction crew are happy to work closely with you on your boat building project. CMA strives to provide quality workmanship and the highest level of customer service for your vessel, the owner and the crew. CMA has representation across Australia.

It is our CAN high standard of design and principled engineering finesse and the attention to craftsmanship that produces a good boat. Our closely-knit team of experts have a considerable depth of experience in the production of aluminium boats, whether for recreational, commercial, special purpose or private vessel use.

We believe that the people who build your vessel should also really understand your vessel. There are numerous ways we do this, and it all starts with our passion for the water. Our founders, Justin Taylor and Ainslie Pankhurst, have been in the Marine industry since they were 15 years old. Not only have they experienced the commercial side of life on the water, they are also keen water going enthusiasts in their own right. With the founding of Commercial Marine Australia, the two partners continue to pursue their desire for creating improved designs for vessels that help others get the most out of their experience on the water.

CMA has had extensive working experience around the world and is recognised for being one of Australia’s best boat building companies. We have helped many international clients build and manage their vessels with superior service and our intimate understanding of the intricacies of shipbuilding. At CMA, we employ professionals with the same shared passion, and have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. Our great boat builders Brisbane team is made up of a diverse, skilled, and dedicated group of craftsmen who are there to make your seafaring dreams come true.

commercial aluminium boat

Each boat-building job is handled with the utmost in professionalism and attentive customer service, regardless of the size or complexity of the job. Our staff have a diverse array of different skills and qualifications to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions along the way, each of the members working on your project will be more than happy to address your concerns in a courteous and prompt manner. Every team member we employ has had significant experience in their fields, and a thorough understanding of the marine industry.

Commercial Marine Australia designs and builds everything from fishing boats through to naval vessels, yachts, motor cruisers and small recreational boats. Some boats are custom built to a client’s specifications, while others can be built from our existing designs.

Once the customer has determined what kind of boat they want, our CMA shipwrights meets with you directly and discuss the required specifications. CMA prepares drawings for the customer which illustrate how the boat will look, how much it will hold, and how the interior layout will be organised. Once the designs are approved, CMA builds the boat to the approved specifications.

Our goal is to offer our clients the ultimate boat builders Brisbane experience. Let us create for you a new state-of-the-art vessel!

Aluminium is either used in sheet for all-metal hulls or for isolated structural members. The material requires special manufacturing techniques, construction tools and construction skills. It is the lightest material for building large boats (being 15-20% lighter than polyester and 30% lighter than steel). Aluminium is very expensive in most countries and it is usually not used by amateur builders. While it is easy to cut, aluminium is difficult to weld, and also requires heat treatments such as precipitation strengthening for most applications. It is most commonly used in small pleasure and fishing power boats that are not kept permanently in the water. As qualified boat builders CMA has welders certified to NSCV AS/NZS1665:2004  DNVGL and Lloyds Register standards applicable for all class of vessel.

CMA’s reputation as one of Australia’s best custom boat builders stems from the company’s commitment to innovation; whether it is a special yacht build or the production of a quality pleasure boat or one of our specialist patrol boats, CMA stands for quality.

aluminium boat reconditioned

CMA’s naval architects are professional engineers who design and supervise the construction of sea-going vessels working alongside our marine engineers. It is the naval architect who integrates the activities of a team and takes ultimate responsibility for the overall project. This demanding leadership role requires managerial qualities and the ability to bring together the often-conflicting demands of the various professional engineering disciplines involved to produce a boat.

Our naval architects keep abreast of the latest technological trends and are able to utilise complex computer-aided design and analytical tools. Our job includes making sure our work meets with international safety standards and to ensure that a safe, economic and seaworthy design is produced.

Boats are also brought into our workshop for maintenance, enhancement or refurbishment. Depending on your preferred boat design specifications, CMA will work with different materials and construction techniques in order to assemble or install the interior and above deck components. Refitting boats includes jobs like overhauling, detailing, trimming, engine and transmission maintenance; even the boat’s plumbing and electrical needs are taken care of at CMA.

Our experienced CMA production managers then oversee our team of craftsmen who work on the fit-out. They oversee the installation of marine electrical and electronic systems, the addition of cabin equipment and fittings and coordinate welding, thermal cutting and heating procedures.

As well as managing the team, our CMA refit coordinators work with the customer to identify their requirements and communicate them to the team and to suppliers.

custom built vessel

CMA’s marine electricians are some of the best in the business and are responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing the specialised electrical systems required on our vessels, including both DC and AC components. Our electrician’s are responsible for installing or replacing the bridge, cockpit and navigation lights, spotlights or stereo equipment but will also attend to installing and testing snap freezers, holding freezers, portable generators, anchor winches or capstan winches. Depending on the vessel, our CMA marine electricians may also add a 12V radio or TV, or install a 240V converter to run the various AC devices.

CMA can refit an older boat with new wiring and a portable generator to accommodate a microwave, AC TV, inverters for AC or dual supply refrigerators.

CMA has some great marine mechanics who are responsible for performing maintenance and repair work on watercraft equipment.

Our experienced marine mechanics are able to service and repair inboard and outboard boat engines, fuel systems, steering systems, electrical systems, manual starters, and navigational systems on different types of watercraft. CMA marine mechanics have spent years studying the various types of boat engines that are out there and as a result are perfectly placed to advise you on the best power plant solution to your needs. Our marine mechanics are trained to diagnose mechanical, electrical and electronic faults and to do the job properly. You will find our marine mechanics to be easily approachable and happy to discuss details and questions with you, addressing any technical problems our boat owners might have.

We are also firm believers in the Three “R”s of boat and maintenance:

Updating, maintaining or altering your driveline:

  • Increase Motor Turbine Unit (MTU) size or manufacturer change: Yanmar, Cummings, etc.
  • Stern gear arrangement upgrades.
  • New installations.
  • System modifications and alterations.

We offer a complete maintenance and repair service:

  • Scheduled surveys.
  • Corrosion repair and renew.
  • Hull replacement.
  • Accident insurance repairs.

Modernising your vessel with the latest technologies and styling:

  • Changing the operation of your vessel. e.g. NSCV-Lloyds Register.
  • Layout changes, for example, a dive-boat to a passenger transfer vessel.
  • Remodelling of both interior and exterior.
  • Structural modifications, extensions, access walkways, flying bridges.

Our Marine Engineering team work closely with our clients in the production, repair or maintenance of:

  • Ride control and stabilizing systems
  • Hydraulics, steering, davits, dive platforms.
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Grey and black water control systems.
  • Bilge systems, both manual and electric
  • Desalination systems
  • Fuel systems, fuel treatment and transfer.

specialist aluminium boat building

The proliferation of aluminium in boat building really took off in the 1960’s with the metal being an appealing alternative to wood and fiberglass. Assembly line-style production kept prices comparatively competitive for smaller builds, with arguably easier usage by owners who deemed the vessels to be lighter in weight and much easier to launch and retrieve.

Aluminium is an ideal material for construction and affords great longevity for our designs. Aluminium also enables us to create fantastic custom designs and build economically. Most importantly aluminium affords the best security for safe cruising.

Aluminium is light, strong, corrosion-resistant, non-sparking and weldable. Because aluminium is not abrasion-resistant, it can be cut with carbide tools. Aluminium is subject to electrolysis, pitting and crevice corrosion, but these liabilities can be managed as long as the installation of dissimilar metals and electrical items are correctly isolated by our CMA technicians.

ultimate boat builder

Aluminium’s lightness can introduce a faster pitching and rolling motion in some hulls. Fairly narrow or light-displacement boats, which tend to have a narrower water plane and less inherent form stability, will benefit most from aluminium construction. Our design engineers and architects will be happy to explain issues with your particular build requirements and offer effective solutions.

An aluminium bare hull, built to the same strength standard, will weigh roughly 25% to 35% less than the same hull in steel. As a result, if high strength is of the highest priority, an aluminium boat can be built to the same structural weight as a steel vessel, and then be considerably stronger. If low weight is the highest priority, then the weight saved will allow the creation of smaller aluminium cruising boats.

There is a lot to be said for aluminium as a material for boat building:


Aluminium is a lightweight material. It weighs three times less than steel. This means that the hull may weigh up to 50% less. A lighter hull offers better performance, a shallower draught, lower fuel consumption and will require less capital outlay for engine and propulsion systems.

Strong and Safe

Aluminium guarantees a stiff and strong boat. Although it has a slightly lower tensile strength, the strength vs weight ratio of aluminium is equivalent to that of steel. There is much less risk of a hole in the hull in the case of a collision, than with a fibreglass hull. This makes aluminium boats safer, especially when at sea, when distances to reach the shore and emergency assistance are often vast.

Long Service Life

Aluminium does not rust. Aluminium reacts very quickly with the oxygen in the air. This results in a thin layer of aluminium oxide on the outside of the metal. Any further contact with oxygen on the inside of the aluminium part is made impossible. Thus, the metal will not be affected by corrosion. The oldest aluminium sea-going yacht – built in 1936 – is still very much afloat.

Low Maintenance Costs

An aluminium yacht does not have to be painted, which reduces building and maintenance costs. An aluminium hull is easy to repair and has little vulnerability to small imperfections such as scratches.