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Maggie Cat

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  • Posted on May 9, 2023

Best Small Fast Ferry – Maggie Cat – Commercial Marine Australia

Australia’s Magnetic Island is a beautiful tropical paradise close to the northern city of Townsville, named by Captain James Cook in 1770 for the substantial magnetic variation that he experience there. While it is close to the mainland, commuters and tourists travelling to the island demand high speed and reliability.

This new small fast ferry ensures that, and also provides high levels of comfort, safety, and economy.

“Sealink North Queensland was looking to upgrade its existing fleet for carrying passengers and luggage between Townsville and Magnetic Island, as well as catering for seasonal whale watching tours,” CMA told Baird Maritime. “The customer wanted an innovative hull design and awarded the build to CMA’s Brisbane team.”

The builder added that Sealink requested a vessel that was lightweight, robust, fuel-efficient, and featuring new technology. The delivery of the vessel exceeded the owner’s expectations, the company said.

Key features include allowance for 340 passengers, deep windows giving the main deck cabin a light and airy feel with unobstructed outside views but with the comfort of air conditioning, and a sun deck with 360-degree visibility providing an ideal platform for whale-watching.

“We’ve been able to employ a team of boatbuilders, welders, and two full-time apprentices to work on this project despite the challenges posed by Covid,” remarked CMA.

The company remains optimistic after having found work to be steady over the previous year.

“We expect everything to remain steady moving forward into 2023,” the builder told Baird Maritime.