Ocean Explorer

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Project Description

Best Large Tourist Vessel

One2Three Naval Architects and Commercial Marine Australia/Wildcat Marine

Built for Hamilton Island-based Explore Group, Ocean Explorer is a high-end tourist dive boat for a luxury Whitsundays resort. Designed to be comfortable and economical but retaining a good service speed of 20 knots with a top of 25 knots available if required, she is a stylish looking vessel with impressive interior design and ride control.

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Vessel Name: Ocean Explorer
Vessel Type: Dive Vessel & Dinner Cruise Catamaran
Speed: 25 knot top speed
Length: 26.32m
Width: 9.10m
Draft: 1.49m (Airdraft 4.3m)
Engines: 2 x Yanmar 6 AYM – WDT 911 HP
Passenger Allowance: 120 passengers & 10 crew for Dive Vessel. 80 PAX for Dinner Cruise
Classification: NSCV 1C
Passenger Allowance: 200 passengers & 4 crew for Ferry
Classification: NSCV 1D
Designer: 123 Naval Architects

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