CM Australia

What We Do

Here at Commercial Marine Australia, we believe that the people who build your vessel should also really understand your vessel.

There are numerous ways we do this, and it all starts with our passion for the water. Our founders, Justin Taylor and Ainslie Pankhurst, have been in the Marine industry since they were 15 years old. Not only have they experienced the commercial side of life on the water, they also know what it’s like to fully understand the vast pleasures on the water. With the founding of Commercial Marine Australia, the two partners continue to pursue their desire for creating improved designs for vessels that help others get the most out of their experience on the water. 

They have had experience around the world, helping international clients build and manage their vessels with superior service and an intimate understanding of the intricacies of shipbuilding. At CMA, we employ professionals with the same shared passion, and have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. Our team is diverse, skilled, and dedicated to making your seafaring dreams come true!


Our Passion For The Water

Our founders, Justin Taylor and Ainslie Pankhurst, have been in the Marine industry since they were 15 years old.

What Sets Us Apart


So what sets us apart from all the other companies out there? Well for one, every single team member loves what they do, and it shows through our excellent work. We work on a wide variety of jobs, ranging from small repairs to design and construction, and have an excellent track record of customer satisfaction. Our services are custom tailored to meet your needs – from large scale commercial applications to private owners seeking a new experience. We are proud to offer solutions encompassing all needs for your vessel, including new construction, refitting, repairs, and life extension. When we say we are a one-stop-shop for all your needs, we mean it! Our team includes engineers and designers to help you create the vessel of your dreams, and we offer continued life maintenance services to ensure that your ships stay in top shape. For example, rather than going to a handful of different contractors to inspect and refit each module on your vessel, our team of specialists can diagnose, design, and repair all in house! Our aim is to save you time and money by cutting out the middleman and ensuring that all your services come from our certified and experienced team.

When we say our team is the best fit for you, we mean it. Each job is handled with the utmost in professionalism and customer service, regardless of the size or complexity of the job. We employ a diverse array of different skills and qualifications to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you have any questions along the way, each of the members working on your project would be more than happy to address your concerns in a courteous and prompt manner. Every team member we employ has had significant experience in their fields, and a thorough understanding of the marine industry. Many of them come to us from positions in shipbuilding, commercial vessel construction, project management, and marine engineering to name a few. This ensures that we are constantly up-to-date on the latest shipbuilding technology and quality assurance systems. It also ensures that we have a wide perspective on what our clients really want and need, this positions us uniquely to offer operators specialized solutions. Our goal is to offer our clients the ultimate building experience. Let us create you a new state-of-the-art vessel!