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“Our expertise in the installation and design of all marine systems is world class.
We offer many solutions for all your needs from new builds to a simple alteration or a full upgrade.

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Marine Engineering

With testimonials like that of Barry Moore’s, it is clear to see why Commercial Marine Australia (CMA) is regarded as working with some of the best marine engineers and naval architects in the business.

Commercial Marine Australia’s capabilities includes boat and ship marine engineering and they have the skills and experience required to work on other types of marine vessels or structures, as well as oceanographic engineering.

Commercial Marine Australia are passionate about marine engineering and applying the various engineering sciences, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer science. We love to develop and design power systems and all the other systems you need on-board.

The purely mechanical ship operation aspect of marine engineering has some relationship with naval architecture which we at Commercial Marine Australia are also intimately familiar with, making our company a true one-stop-shop solution for all your boat building requirements.

Whereas naval architects are concerned with the overall design of the ship and its propulsion through the water, marine engineering is focused on propulsion plants and the powering mechanisation aspects of the ship’s functions such as steering, anchoring, cargo handling, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical power generation and electrical power distribution, interior and exterior communication, and other related requirements.

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    Marine Engineers

    some of the best marine engineers and naval architects in the business.

    I am pleased to offer this testimony to the skills and knowledge of Ainslie & Justin, I first met these two tradesmen when they were building fast ferries in Brisbane and I convinced their boss to build a Superyacht for me.These guys were instrumental in the construction of a high speed 100 footer. During the build Ainslie & Justin came over to work directly for us where they started work on our second Superyacht which was one of the largest ever built in Australia.They also played leadership roles during the build of six high speed patrol boats we delivered to the Singapore special forces. I have always admired their work ethic and positive attitude to problem solving which is part of any build and I can testify to their boat building and engineering skills, which have been honed over the 16 years I have known them and I would not hesitate to engage them to build my next boat.

    Barry Moore, Patriot Marine & Australian Motor Yachts

    Under the wise and experienced leadership of Justin Taylor and Ainslie Pankhurst, Commercial Marine Australia can ensure that your boat will be built and will perform exactly or in excess of the design objectives. Whether this is for a whale-watching boat that requires a deck layout ensuring all passengers can be at the rail and enjoy the thrill of being so close to those gentle giants, or whether it is a fast patrol boat for use by Special Forces, our marine engineers Brisbane team make it happen. Each design always has its own challenges and the combined experience of Justin, Ainslie and their team of naval architecture and marine engineering experts and certified craftsmen will manage your project on time, on budget and will fulfil all objectives.


    Commercial Marine Australia

    Commercial Marine Australia have many years’ experience of successful aluminium boat construction of recreational, commercial and private vessels. Our marine engineering consultants are on hand to listen to you and follow through with your aluminium fabrication and construction wishes. From new builds for 5 metre fishing vessels, through to 50 metre craft such as: whale-watchers, commercial fishing and fishing tour boats, special purpose boats, and commercial ferry boats.Just let us know your requirements and we will happily work closely with you to successfully build a boat that will give many years of problem free service and provide you with an excellent return on your investment.

    Widely regarded in the industry as one of the best marine engineering companies in Brisbane Commercial Marine Australia offer a comprehensive maintenance program, including scheduled surveys, to keep your investment working at peak performance. Commercial Marine Australia is able to provide a single base solution for all your modification, maintenance and repair requirements. In addition to our recognised skills in working with aluminium, we can also repair the many other systems that make up a modern boat, including:

    • Ride control and stabilizing systems
    • Hydraulics, steering, davits, dive platforms
    • Hot and cold water including desalination systems
    • Bilge systems. Manual or electric
    • Fuel systems, treatment and transfer
    • Engine upgrades, changes or repairs
    • Stern-gear arrangement modifications
    • Interior and exterior remodelling/refitting.

    We can also effect major structural repairs, modifications and maintenance, such as layout modifications that can change a boat’s purpose, for example, from a dive-boat to a passenger transfer vessel.

    We also offer complete project management and owner’s representative services, both here in Australia and internationally, as well as consultancy and training within Australia and internationally.


    So whatever is your requirements, a new build, refurbishment or change of purpose, our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and certified craftsmen have the skills required. Everyone in our close-knit team has a comprehensive knowledge of the marine industry, with many of them coming to us from senior positions in shipbuilding, commercial vessel construction, project management, and marine engineering. Commercial Marine Australia actively monitors the marine business to ensure that we are completely up-to-date with current trends in design, safety and certification requirements.

    Here at Commercial Marine Australia, we believe that the marine engineering consultants who build your vessel should also really understand your vessel. Our founders, Justin Taylor and Ainslie Pankhurst, have been in the Marine industry since they were just teenagers. Not only have they experienced the commercial side of life on the water, they also know what it’s like to fully understand the great pleasures of being on the water. With the founding of Commercial Marine Australia, the two partners continue to pursue their desire for creating improved designs for vessels that help others get the most out of their experience on the water.

    They have had experience around the world, helping international clients build and manage their vessels with superior service and an intimate understanding of the intricacies of shipbuilding. At Commercial Marine Australia, we employ professionals with the same-shared passion, and have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. Our marine engineering technician team is diverse, skilled, and dedicated to making your job, big or small, successful and rewarding.

    Marine Engineering

    “Our expertise in the installation and design of all marine systems is world class.”

    We offer many solutions for all your needs from new builds to a simple alteration or a full upgrade.

    • Ride control and stabilizing systems
    • Hydraulics, steering, davits, dive platforms
    • Fuel systems, treatment and transfer
    • Bilge systems. Manual or electric.
    • Hot and cold water including desalination systems

    Why We Love Aluminium for Our Boat Building

    Aluminium is a strong yet lightweight metal that also happens to be corrosion resistant, which is useful considering the saltwater environment most of our boats get used in. Aluminium is also a user-friendly material to shape, weld, customise and is very easy and flexible to modify or alter, especially during a rebuild.

    Our attitude to marine engineering is that it is a way of attaining functionality with immaculate style and craftsman-like engineering. We have produced utility working boats, fishing vessels, super-yachts, specialist forces boats, whale-watchers and ferries.

    Hull Shape

    At CMA we are as passionate about naval architecture as we are about marine engineering and we have a fully-fledged Marine Engineering department who have extensive experience working with naval architects as a closely knit team. This means that we are very effective at getting the job done properly and on time. Our design process begins with detailed technical drawings that we then go through with in detail with our clients before construction takes place, thereby ensuring that issues do not become problems.

    Weld Strength

    CMA specialises in the high quality finishing of the external welds with out compromising weld strength. As qualified boat builders we are also fully certified welders to NSCV AS/NZS1665:2004, DNVGL and Lloyds Register for all class vessels.


    Each CMA boat painting requires that we remove every single piece of equipment to be installed in the boat before painting. This ensures that all drill holes and all brackets and supports are in the right place afterwards.

    All the fittings are then replaced after the painting process to their correct positioning. It is this meticulous approach and attention to detailed boat building that separates CMA from the rest of the market. Commercial Marin Australia’s marine engineering technicians then see to it that every component is installed with care and precision before rigorous testing.


    Our wiring systems are pre-designed and custom built to meet with each boat’s design specifications. Our wire looms are colour coded and then clearly labelled, fused and switched, all of which is in keeping with the best practices necessary for the demanding marine environment.

    Gas Systems

    Strict compliance codes apply to the installation of LPG gas systems, both in Australia/NZ and internationally, especially when it comes to LPG use aboard any sea-going vessel: CMA boats meet all relevant standards and in many cases our work exceeds those safety requirements.

    Engine Installation

    CMA are experts on outboard motors but our expertise are even more pronounced when it comes to inboard power plants systems.

    Keeping seawater out of the engine box and providing reasonable ventilation and suppressing engine sound are aspects we play close attention to on our builds when fitting an inboard stern drive. With many years of hard earned experience under our belt, testing and challenging our methods along the way, means that we at CMA can confidently deliver the best systems on the market.


    Once all installations have been completed the boat moves into the upholstery stage. And just as we do with all our equipment, CMA offers you a choice of the best, most hardwearing fabrics and coverings available.


    Testing is the reward for all the effort put into the build and at CMA we test all of our workmanship before signing off.

    CMA Benefits

    When you commission a CMA craft you can be sure that you are investing in superior boat style and quality. As a recognised industry leader CMA is confident that you will find our boat design, construction practices, quality of finish and on-sea performance to be second to none.


    CMA is extremely proud of the overall construction strength of all our boats. Not only do they look good, but the hull performance and structural strength are excellent.

    CMA uses only the highest grade aluminium with the whole structure fully welded. All buoyancy and fuel tanks are pressurized and certified, and aluminium sheet certification can be verified. This provides a far more robust product than a fibreglass boat.

    Quality Finishes

    We like to think CMA are the best finished alloy boats on the market today. Clean flowing lines and a professional finish create a very pleasing aesthetic, so much so that at boat shows our hulls are constantly being tapped by boaties trying to determine whether they are manufactured from fibreglass or aluminium. The finish is that good!